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The Telemark’s Toughest 81 km ultra, 43 km ultramarathon and 21 km half marathon   - all is trail/ terrain

  -   information, program 2017, prizes and more (safety and declarance at the bottom)

Registration (english version):

  • Norway's scenic, historical, panoramic ultra trail, with exclusive prizes.

Registration online stops av August 31 at 23:00. Registration after this: Additional fee NOK 300,-.

(Beware: If we have to change your class or registrated personal info: Additional fee NOK 300,-)

•  Terrain trail 81 km/ 2700 meters total incline, terrain ultramarathon 43 km/ 1700 meters incline or terrain half marathon 21,1 km/ 500 meter incline. 2017 it is the official Norwegian Championship for terrain ultra 81 km. It will be possible for foreign runners and runners from clubs outside the Norwegian Atletic Ass.-system to attend, in an own class, and also in a total "open" result list.

•  A fantastic trail experience in magnificent scenery, fully marked and signposted, with food stations and support.

GPS-tracking on all runners, online! (Not 21 km)


 Start: 2. September  2017 at 09:00. (Start 21 km at 09:30, and these runners get their start number from 09.05)

Organizer: Treungen sports team (Treungen IL).
Venue: The Sports Centre in Treungen, Telemark county.
Start and finish all distances: The club house.
Web page:

The course is varied and runs through beautiful scenery and racing terrain, and is framed by culture and history. The course is fully marked with red/white plastic bands, or blue paint, and with yellow TT signs and arrows at intersections and other relevant places. (21 km has blue markings and signs.) Some of the signs also state your progression.  Maps will be handed out if you want, but our guess is that it will not be necessary to use them. You will namely ALWAYS see the next marking. If not, there is NEVER more than 100 meters between two markings. In such case, you probably have run wrong, and must turn around. Please also see the web page or Facebook for detailed course description.



Different terrains in km, (approximately):        

  81 km:                                                
Forest road/ ATV-road  24         
Path 25                                              
Dirt road  11                                     
Asphalt  3                                        
Moors & bare mountain 16       
Marsh & marsh path  3                

Please observ that the last 38 km of the 82 km route is changed from 2015. Much less roads! We now run in an area that is been international known for its wonderful terrainbike paths  - which of course are equally nice to run on!



43 km:

Forest road/ ATV-road  16

Path  11

Dirt road  3

Asphalt  6

Moors & bare mountain 5

Marsh & marsh path  2


Half marathon has 80 % nice forest path!


Service, route, timing, etc:
GPS timekeeping, with several automatic control posts/checkpoints, where your intermediate time goes directly on the GPS website for this run! Every runner, both ultra and marathon, must carry the GPS-unit (as big and heavy approx. as an old cell phone.)  


Officials and race management at the club house.
• 43 and 81 km runners starts simultaneously and follows the same course (part 1). All finish at the club house.
• A separate depot tent is located by the club house. Here 81 km runners may have equipment ready for the last part.
• The last 38 km (part 2 of the ultra race) continues in a different circular track, but also finishes at the club house.

Two food stations, after 23 and 56 km, additional posts for water/ energy drink/ coke/ chips at 8, 34 and 72 km. (Half marathon: Food station at Lia (post 4) at 7 and 13 km)


Observe: 21 km start at 09:30, and have its own route. Parts of the route goes on the 43 km track, but not always in the same direction!

Please note that 81 km runners have RED start numbers, 43 km YELLOW and 21 km BLUE.


Changing rooms with showers and toilets in the club house.


It is not allowed to receive help from others during the race, except one place for 81 km-runners, at the 43 km spot (depot, service, treatment, etc.).  As the race takes place in nature and wilderness, both marathon and ultra runners should have a running backpack which contents map, fully charged cell phone with numbers to the organizer stored, a first aid kit, whistle - and ultra runners must also have a headlight.  All this equipment is voluntary, but recommended. Everyone must sign a declaration for participation at your own risk. You are committed to follow the organizers rules and instructions.  Walking sticks are allowed (but hardly necessary for most people).


It is the participant’s responsibility to run correctly.


Start number MUST BE placed visible IN FRONT at your body). Dont fold away any parts of it.


Nissedal Red Cross will be available during the race, based at the clubhouse. They have a stretcher team ready for emergency, and will provide help with minor injuries.


Accommodation: Camping is available with your own tent, caravan etc. at the sports arena, where you can use the club house dressing room, shower, toilet and kitchenette. There are plenty of other lodging places in the village, such as loads of ccottages and appartments 15 minutes away, as well as cabins and campsites within walking distance from the starting area.



Registration deadline: Wednesday 31. August 23.00. Classes: Women and men, 21, 43 and 81 km, and standard age classes.
Price 81 km (50 miles): 800  NOK. (‘Kondis’ Discount 50, -) pluss the national fee 50,-
Price 43 km: 600 NOK. (‘Kondis’ Discount 50, -) pluss the new national fee 50,-
Price 21 km: 500 NOK. (‘Kondis’ Discount 50, -) pluss the new national fee 50,-

Minimum age: 12 years. (18 for 81 km) You agree that you take part at own risk and responsibilty when signing up, and that you read the safety instructions before start  - as well as follow the safety regulations and advices. Mandatory signing of the declaration for people 12 – 17 years of age with also their parent`s signature.


All participants receive Telemark’s Toughest competitors proof  - a useful, nice thing with our logo. 
1., 2. and 3. place in 21, 43 and 81 km win great, exclusive, locally handmade prizes.

In addition, there are great prizes being drawn among all! 


Our logo is "The Dancing Man".  The symbols are the oldest rock painting in Southern Norway,
3-5000 years old. The most prominent figure is called The Dancing Man, but it may symbolize fertility, hunting, guard or something else.  Part of the route follows the oldest footpaths in the area. We will be running in the tracks of Stone Age people!



Friday 1. September
17 - 20: Start number and map distribution at the club house. Coffee and chat around the fire. Questions will be answered.

Saturday  2. September
7:30 to 8:30: Start number, GPS-tracker and map distribution 43 and 81 km at the club house.  Note:  Deadline 08.30!
08.50: Public information for all participants, everyone line up!

09.00: Mass start 81 and 43 km.

09.05: Registration and start numbers 21 km.

09:30: Start 21 km.

10.00 – 11.00: Children`s Run  - roundabouts at the stadium.

10 - 14: Trim class to Nokkebu 10 km

12-13.0: Finish for the best Half Marathon runners. The top three in each class gets a prize at the finish.

12-13: Finish for the best 43 km runners. The top three in each class gets a prize at the finish.

14:00: Deadline at post 4, 23 km, for 43/81-runners. Everyone who comes at this point after 5 hours, are out of the race.

17-18: Finish for the best Ultra trail runners. The top three in each class gets a prize at the finish.

22:00: Deadline at 56 km.

All day and night: Social gathering and ambience at the arena.  GPS on big screen, photos and video from the race, food for sale etc.

   Cafe open 10 - 01 with hot meals, drinks and more.


Treungen Sports Team
3855 Treungen
Information about the race: Helge Reinholt
E-mail:   h <> (Fjern SPAMFILTER fra adressen) , tel 9717 7014
Race management, timing and communication during the course:
Hitec Products Dept. Treungen. (tel nbr on the website)




Subject to change.  Changes up to the start of the race
may occur, but is not expected.  Please keep informed by
 our web page.  Changes there will be clearly announced.

 Safety instructions and declarance:


Security and declaration.  
Safety instructions, declaration and list of recommended equipment.

Upon registration, you automatically accept this declaration. For participants under 18 years their guardians must sign this.

I confirm that I am participating in Telemark's Toughest at my own risk.
I have read and understood the safety rules and information that apply to Telemark's toughest. I have understood the written and spoken information given by the organizer, and accept that the race takes place in partly demanding woodland and mountain terrain.
Where the trail follows the road or where there is crossing traffic I am obliged to adhere to normal traffic rules.  
I am responsible to bring myself safely through the entire race, I carry the necessary equipment and provisions, and I am physically and mentally equipped for the race.
I am obliged to keep to the marked trail.
If I have to abort the race, I am obliged to call the organizer as soon as possible.
I am obliged to abide by the messages given by the organizer.
In the event of emergency situations I will help as best I can and inform the organizer.  
I know and follow The Norwegian Mountain Code.


Safety rules
Responsibility and safety
All runners participate at their own risk, and must follow the safety program of the organizer and the Norwegian Mountain Code.
Give needed help in the event of emergency situations and comply with instructions from the organizer:  phone 9085 8766.
In case of emergency/ life-threatening medical emergency call 113 first, then the organizer.  Organizer is responsible for maintaining control of the approximate whereabouts of every runner and will immediately begin a search for missing persons using Nissedal Red Cross.
Physical Requirements
The race requires good physical fitness, stamina, endurance and good judgment in the mountains.
Aborted run
If the race need to be aborted the organizer must be called as soon as possible, at  9085 8766.
The trail
Runners are obliged to follow the signposted trail. Running outside the marked trail leads to disqualification.
Recommended equipment
Backpack with fully charged mobile phone, first aid kit, whistle, organizers race map, compass, windproof clothes, headlamp with extra batteries. (Headlight not necessary for the marathon distance.) Equipment is optional, but advisable. Mobile phone and GPS tracking MUST be carried all the time. If you get lost, you MUST turn the phone on so that the organizer can call you.
Maximum time
Participant must abandon the race if :
- Post 4 at 23 km is reached after more than five hours, at 1400. (Not 21 km)
- Checkpoint 9, Lonvatn, is reached after more than 13 hours (22.00)

This is non-negotiable. The runner must stop and will be transported by car back to the main area.

Dette nettstedet bruker informasjonskapsler. Les mer om informasjonskapsler her. Ikke vis denne meldingen igjen.