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Skuggenatten Opp 6.juni 2020 > English

Motbakkeløp og trimarrangement  Påmelding åpner 1.februar.

Skuggenatten Opp 6.juni 2020 AVLYST
Telefon: 41 55 87 38
E-post: (Fjern SPAMFILTER fra adressen)


Our popular mountain uphill race - info in English: 

Everyone, whatever skill or nationality, is welcome to take part as competitor. In the starting field there will be most of the best elite racers in Norway, but also beginners, locals and people at every level. 

Skuggenatten Opp is a famous mountain uphill race in the county of Telemark, which gives the competitors a very nice nature experience. With 456 meters descend and 4,3 kilometers length, the track is approx. 70 % on bare rock face, with panorama view all the way to the top, 706 meters above sea level. The 360 degrees view from the top is well known. The track is very well bluemarked. The race has approx 200 competitors. In addition, the "trim class" counts 2-300 people that cheers the competitors at the finish line on the peak. This race has high service and technical level, with great prices, not only for the best to win. 

Full service start- and price seremony area with parking, wardrobes, shower, toilet and kiosk with warm food, coffee and cold drinks. 
The race starts at the sportsarena. The first 800 meters is flat on the old railroad trail/ gravel road, then you start at the trail and rockface. After 1,5 km you will meet the steepest part, 500 meters with 20 % descend. When you are done with this hardest part, you will be served cold water. After this you will meet varied and nice tracks, here and there almost flat, here and there some short steep parts. The track is not very technical challenging. 
In the finish area on the top you will be met of hundreds of cheering people, with speaker service, water and fruit. And of course, you will get your medal there. But the greatest price is your own achievement! 
A nice walk down again, enjoying the stunning panorama view, chatting with others, and the price seremony will start in a while. 
The race records are 26.37 for women (2014, Heidi Weng) 22.18 for men (Tomas Bereket 2012). 
Electronic race timing. All runners wear a chip around their leg. Start numbers and chip must be fetched between 9 and 12 PM. The race starts at 1 PM. 
All runners compete at own risk. Standard age classes in addition to the junior, senior and veteran Norwegian championship. Race fee: NOK 420/490. In addition, mandatory fee NOK 50,- to the athletics federation. 
No refunds. No changing of name/ selling of start numbers. Foto and video from the race may be used in any publishing and marketing situation by the organizer. 
Organizer: Treungen Sports club. Contact: Race director Mr. Olav Nilsen, e-mail <> (Fjern SPAMFILTER fra adressen)

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